Tom Crean: Unsung Hero of the Scott and Shackleton Antarctic Expeditions

Tom Crean: Unsung Hero of the Scott and Shackleton Antarctic ExpeditionsProduct Review: Tom Crean: Unsung Hero of the Scott and Shackleton Antarctic Expeditions

Author: Michael Smith

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Average Customer Review: 4.5/5

Who Would Buy This:  Anyone interested in reading about famous Irish people, adventure stories, and those interested in Tom Crean’s adventures exploring Antarctica with Scott and Shackleton.

Editorial Review From Library Journal:
“Tom Crean was the difference between life and death” for two members of Robert F. Scott’s 1910-13 Terra Nova expedition. With this statement, British journalist Smith demands that history revisit the heroic age of polar exploration, focusing on one of the lesser-known heroes. Tom Crean went to Antarctica with Scott’s Discovery (1901-04) and Terra Nova (1910-13) expeditions, as well as with Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance (1914-16) expedition. Some of his courageous accomplishments include ice-floe hopping and climbing the Barrier to affect a rescue, traveling 35 miles in 18 hours with minimal rations to get help for others, and the infamous crossing of the southern ocean to South Georgia Island with Shackleton.

Crean was awarded many medals, including the Albert Medal, the highest recognition for gallantry. But Smith argues that because of politics and the class prejudices of the day (Crean was a poor Irishman), he did not receive the recognition he was due. Crean was not a diarist, so Smith relied on interviews, letters, the diaries of Crean’s contemporaries, and previously published works for this captivating account of one man’s often overlooked contributions. Recommended for polar and exploration collections and larger public libraries. Margaret Atwater-Singer, Univ. of Evansville, IN
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This book is a moving read, and not only for those interested in Polar Explorations. I think nearly everyone in Annascaul and Kerry has a copy of this book and many will talk with passion about Tom Crean and his adventures, because that’s what his story is, a true life, almost unbelievable adventure. It’s a powerful read and one that is likely to leave you in total awe of this unassuming, modest real life Irish hero.

Michael Smith has created a book that will give you insight into the world of Crean and his polar adventurers. As one other reviewer said, ‘You can feel the cold come out of the pages and tears in your eyes as you feel you are sharing the good times and bad times. A book for anybody who can read. Brilliant.’ This really sums up what Unsung Hero is, it’s more than just a book, it’s a connection with Tom Crean himself and his fellow adventurers.

You will not be disappointed by this beautiful book with it’s stunning photographs and amazing recount of those years Crean spent on Antarctic’s frozen ice.

The Kindle (digital) version of this book lacks many photographs and there are also diary entrys missing from the digital version plus there is no table of contents in the digital version. Enjoy Tom Crean – Unsung Hero fully with the impressive photographs and full text by ordering the actual hard-copy book.

Value for money?
Tom Crean: Unsung Hero is well written and full of photographs and journal entry’s made by the captain’s and crews during Crean’s time in Antarctica. Don’t get the digital version, it’s lacking many photos and entry’s, but do get the hard-copy, you will not be disappointed by Tom Crean’s amazing adventures. If you’re thinking of buying an Irish gift, this is the one.

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